History   1990-2009


- Exhibited an Ultra low NOx gas burner (VGSA/SLNG) at the Osaka Gas Industrial Fair.
- Coal slurry burner (CWN) developed.

1991 - Delivered snow melting unit by submerged combustion for Nihon Express Way.
- Received the letter of appreciation from Hitachi Zosen Co.,Ltd. for corporation wiht the project in Iraq. Private power generation in Iraq's fertilizer company, supplied by Hitachi Zosen occurs pulsating combustion. To solve this problem, in 1988 and 1990, Volcano dispatch technical person and tried to best corporation with Hitachi Zosen.
- Overhaul of wage and benefit system.
1992 - Automatic milling machine was updated by innovating Volcano method atomizer manufacturing jig.

- CAD system introduction earnestly started.
- Developed a Low NOx combustion system for ocean steamer.
- A group of observers from Liaoning,China visited.
- Implement of inhouse training course for Hyundai Heavy Industries Group Korea.
- Make a presentation of Thermotec93, Thermal technologies for the Environment and Future. Substantial improvement in Combustion performances of Oil/Gas Combination burner for LNG tanker propulsion system Achieved, and delivered to total 23 LNG tankers.


- Modified the oil and gas burner (SFFG) for the main boiler of LNG ship.
- Received an order of burners for a boiler for large power generation plant from Korean heavy industrial company.
- Participated in "SEA JAPAN 94" fair of International Maritime Exhibition. The exhibition was held jointly by Japan Steamship Owner's Association, Japan Shipbuilder's Association and Japan Steamship Building Industries.
- Volcano exhibited the latest steamship product continuously in '94, '96 and '98.

1995 - Volcano developed with Osaka Gas Company a repowering burner. Its machine No.1 was delivered to Kubota Industry, Ohama plant.
- President,Mr.Tetsuya Okihara awarded The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays.
- Create product liability studying committee.
- Make a presentation of Marine Tec China95.
- Chinese Marine Equipment Association visited.
- Launch of research and development department.
- Restructuring of Volcano Corporation Association.
1996 - Senior Managing Director, Mr. Masaaki Okihara, assumes office as President.
- New waste oil incinerator (VI) developed.
- The largest capacity incinerator in our delivery record completed.

- Advanced into the market of burner for gasified fusion furnace.
- Combustion test of oxygen enrichment burner for high efficiency boiler development project started.


- 70th Anniversary commemorative celebration was held.
- Completed the machine No.1 of dioxin-preventing type waste oil incinerator.
- Delivered a heater for starting pressurized fluid bed boiler.

1999 - Obtained IMO certification for maritime incinerator and market in.
- Exhaust gas refiring burner (RPG) honored by Japan gas association.
Ultra low NOx burner

Tanigawa-dake tunnel PA under constructionTanigawa-dake tunnel PA under construction

Low NOx burner for marine use

LNG tanker that utilized Off gas from LNG being carried.
Burner wind box model test for Heavy Industry of Korea
SEA Japan 94 Exhibition

Type RPG re-powering burner

Gasified fusion furnace burner
Dioxin-preventing industrial waste liquid incinerator
Start-up heater for pressurized fluidized bed boiler

- Acquired IMO type certification and EC type certification for ship board incinerators.
- Acquired ISO 9001 certification
- Certified by Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (NK)
- Certified by Nippon Hakuyohin Kentei Kyokai

2002 - Made a company’s group foreign tour as part of our 75th anniversary celebration.
- Concluded the memorandum of overall cooperation agreement with SeenTec as a partner in Korean market development.
- Japanese major heavy industries divided or regrouped their shipbuilding division to the independent company or to the new shipbuilding company.
- Complying with the dioxin regulation, the heat decomposing gasification-melting type incinerator for urban waste treatment has been widely adopted. Demands on our burners for this application sharply increased.
2003 - Developed the oil firing re-powering burners for a diesel engine and the first unit delivered.
- Delivered to “Mitsubishi Pharma Corporation” the substantially largest-scale incinerator (2700kg/h) for the inorganic salt waste liquid incineration plant which was built in compliance with the Waste Management and Public Cleansing Law and the Environmental Impact Assessment Law, The commemorative ceremony was held celebrating our 75th anniversary.
2004 - Succeeded in development of the next generation marine heavy-oil/gas combination burners (SFFG2)making an important contribution to the environmental load reduction and energy conservation of a main boiler of LNG carriers.
- Developed gas atomizing burners for the metal heating process furnace and applied for a patent.
- First oversea(Taiwan) delivery and installation of the yellow phosphor heat decomposing and wet type phosphoric acid recovery furnace for the high-purity phosphoric acid production plant.
2005 - Developed the next-generation type ultra-low NOx gas burners for industrial boilers (FX-G) in collaboration with Osaka Gas Co. Ltd.
- Concluded the contract of supplying the special waste liquid treatment systems including the pre-concentration vacuum evaporator and high-melting phosphate waste incinerator with vapor smoke preventive device with an energy saving (CO2 reduction) design consideration.
2006 - Completed the modern test furnace facilities having the Max. burning capacity: 13A town gas 2,050 m3/h or oil 2,000 kg/h.
- Oxygen burners (oil burning/gas burning) was developed, and put on the melting furnace market.
- Exported the large-size waste gas catalysis type deodorization plant (100,000 Nm3/h) to China, and completed on?sight commissioning.
2007 - Made a company`s group foreign tour as a part of our 80th anniversary celebration.
- Delivered our incinerator to the sewage plant in Tokyo for the first sewage sludge carbonization plant in Japan.
- Contributed to large reductions in GreenHouse Gas emissions by using sewage sludge which is to be regenerated and reused as Bio-fuels.
2008 - Celebrated the 80th anniversary of foundation
2009 - Our technology of Submerged Combustion was adopted to the polycrystalline silicon production and recovery facilities for Solar Cell to cool down the exhaust gas.
- Our oil and gas combination burners (SFFGII model for low NOx emission) were installed in LNG-FSRU vessels.
- Received an order for low-NOx gas burner (50mg/Nm3 of NOx guaranteed) for LNG purification plant *1 in Saudi Arabia from SeenTec in South Korea.
*1 for the boilers of 160t/h and 190t/h
IMO type certificate
ISO 9001 certificate
NK certificate