Message from the President

Since 1928, when the late Mr. Benji Okihara, founding president, developed Japan’s first low-pressure air jet oil burner and established “Osaka Heavy Oil Furnace Company”, the predecessor of VOLCANO, we have been playing an important role throughout the industry with our combustion technology and related engineering services for 90 years.

VOLCANO has focused on the three major tasks: “Burning equipment for heat supply systems”, “Environmental protection equipment and plants utilizing thermal decomposition”, and “TCS (Technical Client Service)”, which provides after-sales technical support, engineering services, and other solutions.
As Japan became the world’s second largest economy after the rise of modern industry in the 1920s, VOLCANO has contributed to development of the Japanese shipping and shipbuilding industries, both essential to logistics, as well as to establishment of a comfortable, efficient recycling society with a low impact on the environment that the land industries have sought.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincerest gratitude to our customers and partners for their continued support.

The recent combustion-related fields have required high-quality products and services well-balanced in high efficiency, energy conservation, and low environmental burden. In order to meet customer's expectations and toward the 100th year anniversary in 2028, Volcano will continue to develop new products, and aim to help creating a future society where “heat” is optimized.

We would appreciate your continued support for the years to come.

Masaaki Okihara

ClassNK ISO 9001