History   1928-1949

1928 - First Japanese low-press air jet oil burner developed. Trade mark "VOLCANO" adopted.
- Osaka Heavy Oil Furnace Manufacturing Company established.
1932 - Forged furnaces of army and navy foundries converted into heavy oil furnaces.
1933 - Pressure-jet type burner completed. Installed in Sasebo and Yokosuka factory boilers with excellent results.
1938 - VOLCANO Specified for all naval work vessels burners.
1939 - Coal fired semi-gas furnace developed.
1941 - Delivered a heating flue boiler for the train between Tokyo and Numazu.
1943 - Company Reorganized to Osaka Heavy Oil Furnace Manufacturing Co., Ltd., with capital of 300,000 yen.
1949 - Capital increased to 1 million yen.
Founder, Benji Okihara, was a student of "Osaka Engineering High School"
Pressure jet type burner and accessories
Operation manual of oil burner for marine boiler