History   1970-1989


- Super wide range Venturi-type burner (turn-down 50:1) developed.
- Market entry of burner for direct burning deodorization oxidizer and incinerator for flue gas desulfurization.
- Developed a fully automatic on-board waste oil / wastes incinerator "VOLCANIC".
- Volcano burner was installed in The World largest tanker, "Nisseki Maru".

1972 - Capital increased to 33 million yen.
- Delivered super low calorific gas burner to Posco in Korea.
1973 - New factory erected at Sanda City, Hyogo Prefecture.
1974 - VOLCANO Service. Co. Ltd. established. Capital increased to 46.2 million yen.
- Deodorizing system and waste liquid and solid disposal systems developed.

- Fully automatic burner developed. Second phase construction completed in Sanda Factory.
- Delivered a waste oil treatment equipment for research laboratory of Kanazawa University.

1977 - Improvement of low calorific gas burner. (SFD-GAS)
1978 - Delivered the first unit of venturi oil burner unit type (SFVU) to European company.

- Modified the turbo jet burner (TJ) into ASS model. (Later, it was modified again to SFU model)
- Ice suppression system for small ship developed.

Venturi oil burner type SFV
Incinerator type VTH

370,000 ton tanker, "Nisseki Maru" loaded with Volcano burner

Organic waste liquid incinerator facilities

Burner type ASS
1980 - Double throat, low O2 energy saving burner (SFC) developed.
- President, Mr. Tetsuya Okihara, officially honored by Minister of Transport.
- Micro-computer aided combustion management system developed.
- De-icing system for ocean steamer utilizing heat pipe and delivered the same to Maritime Safety Agency.
- Heat pipe de-icing system delivered to Japan Coast Guard vessels.
- VECS system completed for ships.
  Introduction of small fluidized bed incinerator Research of fluidized-bed combustion technology based on the atomizing fluidized bed incinerator which was developed by PYRECON in Australia.
1981 - Gas-atomizing oil burner (VGA) and ultra-low NOx gas burner developed.
- Sales and technical partnership agreement signed with SAACKE (in west Germany) for Rotary burner (SKV).

- Delivered snow melting equipment for TOHOKU bullet trains of JR.
- Delivered snow melting equipment for JOETSU bullet trains of JR.
- Delivered the machine No.1 of self-steam compressing type evaporation system to Koda Plant of Matsushita Electric Industry.
- Make a presentation in NOR-Fishing ’82.
- Developed an oil and pulverized coal burner (PCB).
- Energy saving burner by double throat developed.


- Developed a fully automatic gun-type burner (MJD) for burning heavy oil and waste oil.


- Developed a two-stage combustion type Low NOx burner (VLN).

1985 - Delivered snow melting equipment for Meishin Expressway.
- Developed low O2 and NOx oil burner.
- President, Mr. Tetsuya Okihara, awarded Blue Ribbon Medal.
- Burner for urban disposal and sewage sludge incinerated ash melting system developed.
- Big scale low NOx incinerator for off-gas (low calorific gas) completed.
- Delivered snow melting equipment for TOKAIDO bullet train of JR.

- Delivered on-land waste gas disposal system for the H-II rocket to National Space Development Agency of Japan.
- High-intensity combustion gas burner developed.
- Computer-aided production control system adopted.
- Developed a homo crusher (HCR).
Re structuring by company rationalization.
Homo-crusher (HCR) developed.


- Third and fourth phase construction completed in Sanda factory.
- Developed Bilge concentrator "BILCON-X".
- Developed "Bon-fire" equipment

1988 - VOLCANO rotary cup burner (turn-down 10:1) and on-shore incineration system for waste disposal of LPG carrier developed.
- 60th Anniversary commemorative celebration held.
- Catalytic deoderization system developed and delivered to chemical company in Taiwan.
- Make a presentation in Osaka and Tokyo gas fair.

New fishing boat equipped with heat pipe type de-icing equipment

Snow-melting equipment (Joetsu shinkansen)
Self steam compressing type evaporator (NACS)
PCB oil and pulverized coal burner
MJD type heavy oil and waste oil burning fully automatic gun type burner

VLN ultra low NOx burner

Waste gas treatment equipment for H-II rocket
Fuel pretreatment equipment for power plant
Bilge concentrator "BILCON-X"
"Bon-fire" equipment