Environmental Equipment Sector   Burners for Urban Waste, Sludge & Industrial Waste Incinerators

By providing sophisticated combustion technology, we, VOLCANO, contribute to decrease CO2 and NOX emissions, which cause global warming and air pollution and also develop low-carbon society and promote the effective usage of renewable energy measures by converting the disposal into fuel. Our goal is to contribute the preservation of the environment.

Stoker Type / Rotary Kiln Type Incinerator

Package Type Burner   MJK Type

This gun type burner offers a convenient design and good cost performance. The two fluid spray burner also features excellent combustibility and control, and it is used in a wide range of combustion furnace applications.


  • Components required for combustion are built into the burner unit with a compact design
    All components required for operation are built into the unit: combustion fan, air control damper, fuel flow meter, shutoff valve, control valve, etc. Comparison with the previous system, less than half of the installation space is required.
  • High performance with low pollution
    This two fluid spray burner (*) uses a high-pressure fan to offer a high turndown ratio (10:1), stable combustion and high combustion efficiency. It also helps minimize air pollutants (NOx and CO).*For oil burners
  • Easy maintenance
    Atomizing air is sprayed to blow out the remaining oil when while the burner operation is stopped and can be used to clear any oil dripping or nozzle clogs caused by carbonization. In addition, the burner unit can be easily detached and reattached with the casters.
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