Environmental Equipment Sector   Burners for Urban Waste, Sludge & Industrial Waste Incinerators

By providing sophisticated combustion technology, we, VOLCANO, contribute to decrease CO2 and NOX emissions, which cause global warming and air pollution and also develop low-carbon society and promote the effective usage of renewable energy measures by converting the disposal into fuel. Our goal is to contribute the preservation of the environment.

Environmental Equipment

Thermal Oxidizer Burner Exhaust Gas Reheater Burner   VK Type

This type of burner offers combustion stability by using a swirler. It is used in incinerators when high efficiency with low pollution is required for a relatively large capacity.


  • Eco-burner, perfect for an era when the preferred fuel cannot be predicted
    When the calorific value is equal to or greater than 20,000 KJ/kg (oil) or 8,500 KJ/Nm3 (gas), this burner can be used as the main fuel burner.
  • Open flame is available to match the furnace configuration and application
    By using a two fluid spray design, the angle of the spray can easily be adjusted so that the open flame can be changed to match the application, with a wide angle adjustment producing a short flame or a tight angle adjustment producing a long flame.
  • Support available for a wide range of internal furnace pressures
    By using a swirler, stable combustion is possible under a wide range of pressures, from negative pressure (-10 KPa) to positive pressure (+30 KPa). (Note: there is a pressure variation of ±1 KPa.)
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