Environmental Equipment Sector   Burners for Urban Waste, Sludge & Industrial Waste Incinerators

By providing sophisticated combustion technology, we, VOLCANO, contribute to decrease CO2 and NOX emissions, which cause global warming and air pollution and also develop low-carbon society and promote the effective usage of renewable energy measures by converting the disposal into fuel. Our goal is to contribute the preservation of the environment.

Melting Furnace Burner

Main and Auxiliary Burner Secondary Burner Slug Burner   MFR Type

This general burner offers combustion stability by using a swirler. It is used in a number of applications, such as FBC boiler burners, as an upper burner in incinerators, as a burner for melting furnaces and as a burner for other types of incinerators.


  • Simple design and easy to maintain
  • Equipped with a swirler for stable combustion despite internal pressure fluctuation like fluidized bed combustio
  • Easy flame adjustment to match the application (wide angle, long flame, etc.)

Hot Air Generating Furnace   DT Type (Double Toroidal)

This combustion chamber is called a high load combustion chamber. As shown in the diagram below, the combustion air is blown in using multiple nozzles from three different directions, producing two toroidal vortices. This system generates complete combustion inside the combustion chamber, which offers stable combustion unaffected by external pressure fluctuations or additional fluctuations and also clean exhaust gases (low NOx / low CO).
Using these unique features that are unavailable in other combustion chambers, the system is often used as a heat source for direct drying applications, such as paper or other white products made from calcium carbonates. It is also often used as a high pressure FBC boiler or as a burner for a coal gasification furnace.


  • Compact and lightweight compared to other combustion chambers with the same capacity
  • Complete combustion and clean combustion gas
  • Stable combustion even below the stoichiometric mixture
  • Stable combustion unaffected by back pressure fluctuations
  • External surface temperature is low with little heat loss because the combustion chamber is encased by the air chamber
  • Stable combustion even when using general fuel or oil/gas with a lower heating value

Oxygen burner   JOX type

A standard burner uses the atmosphere (air) to burn fuel, however this oxygen burner uses oxygen instead of the air so it can burn at ultra-high temperatures (approximately 2000°C). It is used for remelting and liquefying the slags that stick to the slag outlet on the melting furnace.

  • Compatible fuel(Liquid fuel): A-type heavy oil, light oil and kerosene
  • Compatible fuel(Gaseous fuel): LPG and LNG
  • Ccombustion capacity: 100 to 1200 MJ/h
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