Environmental Equipment Sector   Burners for Urban Waste, Sludge & Industrial Waste Incinerators

By providing sophisticated combustion technology, we, VOLCANO, contribute to decrease CO2 and NOX emissions, which cause global warming and air pollution and also develop low-carbon society and promote the effective usage of renewable energy measures by converting the disposal into fuel. Our goal is to contribute the preservation of the environment.


Exhaust Gas Burner Tail Gas / Low Calorific Gas Burner   SFDG

Low calorific gases (from 700 MIN, 120 KJ/Nm3) can be burned efficiently as boiler fuel, etc. for processing such as byproduct gases from oil refineries or tail gases from carbon black manufacturing equipment.
The lower the calorific value, the smaller the volume fraction of the combustion air becomes. This makes it more difficult to create the gas and air mixture, making incomplete combustion more likely to occur. However, our long experience has been supported by a unique system, which we use to ensure complete combustion.

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