Maintenance service

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To our client who purchased Volcano’s products, we support your system quickly with our advanced technology for your long satisfied usage.

Periodical maintenance of burner ensures the reliable operation

1. Maintenance and inspection of burner

Burner inspection and combustion adjustment.
Burner disassembly, inspection and cleaning
Checking and inspection combustion
Inspection and adjustment of combustion exhaust gas measurement (Co, O2, smoke scale, etc.)

  • - Inspection and combustion adjustment by our skilled engineers.
  • - Measurement and adjustment of exhaust gas with take-along measuring equipment

2. Maintenance equipment, automatic controller inspection and maintenance

Inspection of control panel and electrical parts and deterioration checking in its early stage.

  • - Equipment inspection and maintenance by our skilled engineers

3. Combustion technical advice

Combustion technical advice is offered so that the burner is used for a long time in safe condition and at low cost.

  • - Combustion technical advice by our skilled engineers.

4. Maintenance, inspection and repair of incinerator refractory material.

Refractory in the furnace consumes itself in proportion to the operation hour. To ensure safe operation for a long time, periodical inspection and diagnosis is inevitable.

  • - Inspection and diagnosis by skilled engineers.

5. Periodic Inspection & Recommended Parts Replacement

By conducting periodic inspections, the status of the equipment can be assessed and consumable supplies or parts that have deteriorated can be replaced when necessary in order to ensure smooth operation and avoid problems with the equipment.
In addition, by stocking spare parts, you can minimize interrupting operation when the equipment needs to be repaired.
We use a database to manage and keep records of the parts that are supplied. This database management also enables us to recommend parts for the customer.

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