Energy saving proposal

Proposal for saving energy

We propose the way of effective operation of burners and adoption of energy saving devises.

Energy saving measures for burners

1. Combustion control

Combustion should be supported by a proper air ratio
Generally most boilers are supplied with excessive combustion air that is more than theoretically needed. Reducing this excess air and combusting at a proper air ratio can increase combustion efficiency and boiler efficiency as well.

  • - Adjustment of air/fuel ratio
  • - Change to low O2 burner(Type SFC energy-saving burner)

*Optimum boiler load
*Optimum air preheating temperature

2. Recycling reclaimed oil as fuel

Waste oil coming out from the factory can be recycled and used as fuel again. The fuel consumption is reduced and the cost is saved accordingly.

  • - Partial renewal of burner
  • - Changing fuel line devices to a new one

3. Improvement on control unit

By renewing a combustion control equipment and by renewing control unit, various figures are adequately controlled and the burner and boiler efficiency are increased,leading to saving energy.

  • - Control device (NOx. Low O2 and other measuring equipment)
  • - Updating automatic combustion controller, introducing Low O2 feedback system
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