Environmental protection

Taking up a challenge of NOx zero objective

We produce environment measure to match our client’s needs keeping global environment preservation and client's equipment in mind.

We provide NOx reduction measure with our improved combustion equipment.

1. NOx reduction by changing to Low NOx burner.

By installing Volcano low NOx oil and gas burner, NOx emission will drastically be reduced.

  • - Change your burner to Model VLN Low NOx oil burner
  • - Change your burner to Model SLNG Low NOx oil burner

2. NOx reduction by changing the fuel

Changing the fuel with the one of low nitrogen content not only reduces NOx emission but also restricts generation of NOx itself.

  • - In case from heavy oil to light oil:A part of burner is to be changed.
  • - Changing from light oil to gaseous fuel:Change your burner to a gas burner.

3. NOx reduction by the exhaust gas re-circulation

This system mixes a part of exhaust gas into combustion air, lowers the oxygen concentration in the combustion air to lower the flame temperature, thereby reducing NOx generation.

  • - Install exhaust gas induced fan and partially change the burner structure.

4. NOx reduction by 2-stage combustion

A perfect combustion method in which the combustion air is supplied in two stages. In the first stage to restrict the air supply lower than theoretical air supply and in the second stage to supply supplement air for a perfect combustion.

  • - Installing a 2-stage burning ports to the front wall or side wall of the boiler and adjusting combustion equipment.

5. NOx reduction by bias combustion (bias atomizer)

Provide two fuel atomizer ports(large and small). Arrange two atomizing ports thereby supplying a very thick fuel and lean fuel alternately, a excess fuel area and excess air area realize a slow combustion to reduce NOx emission.

  • - All you have to do is to change with the bias atomizer.
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