Industrial Equipment Sector   Industrial Boiler Burners.

Volcano's Industrial Equipment Sector provides Cogeneration burner, Low NOx burner, Low fuel consumption burner and the other burners.
These products can supply clean and efficient thermal energy in various sites.


SFC Series Burners


SFC series offers an epoch making solution to industrial needs for energy saving by a low excess air combustion throughout the load range of the boiler, applicable from a small to a large sized powering boiler.

Burner Structurs

The air register composes of a primary and secondary air throat with each damper that controls the airflow according to a load change.Obtaining the low excess air combustion at a low load condition, the primary air throat is sized to handle combustion air of up to 50% burner load.At a high load condition, the secondary air throat with swirlers facilitates air/oil intimate mixing and sustains the low excess air combustion, in that below a 50%load, only the primary air throat is activated to fire by closing the secondary air damper while it's opening is controlled at over a 50%load.


  • 2% O2 operation available throughout 20-100% of boiler load variation.
  • Compact flame shape and lower soot are available
  • Single to multiple burners arrangement are available
  • Oil and gas single burning are available
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