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Volcano's Industrial Equipment Sector provides Cogeneration burner, Low NOx burner, Low fuel consumption burner and the other burners.
These products can supply clean and efficient thermal energy in various sites.


LOW NOx BURNERS   VLND Series Burners


Since completion of the development in 1976, VLND series nowadays has been accepted as a standard Low NOx burner capable to reduce NOx formation drastically and to clear the severe emission standard as in the legislation in the past years with a cost advantage on a compact NOx reduction structure.

Burner Structurs

In the register, combustion airflow is divided into about 30% of primary air and about 70% of secondary air thereby giving a fuel rich in the primary airflow zone and fuel lean in the secondary airflow zone are intentionally generated, in that NOx reduction may be attained to a great extent due to a lower firing temperature led by fuel rich and also by fuel lean combustion at a secondary airflow zone, whereas secondary excess air performs a complete combustion of the whole burner unit at the outer edges of fuel rich gas flows.



  • Can combine with other measures of NOx reduction such as bias atomizer, exhaust gas re-circulation and two stages combustion.
  • Can reduce NOx to an extremely low range: Heavy fuel oil: O2 4% 150ppm, Fuel N 0.2wt%
  • Single to multiple burners arrangement are available.



This series has been developed originally as super low NOx gas burners to clear the severe emission standard in the legislation for environmental protection, and well accepted in the market as one of the best anti-pollution equipment, thus the burners of this series have been widely employed ranging from small size smoke tube boilers to very large size water tube boilers.


NOx formation reduction principles so called exhaust gas recalculation (EGR) is applied in this series of burners.
The burner register is structured in such a pattern that: Primary combustion air led from the wind box is jetted out through the air convergent nozzle mounted at the inlet of the primary air sleeve tube, where a negative pressure state zone is created. This zone sucks flue gases from the boiler furnace through the flue gas suction opening (which looks like a secondary air throat of the conventional burner) and leads to the inlet of prime air sleeve tube,where combustion air is mixed with flue gases (inert gas).This restricts an abrupt contact of oxygen to the fuel particles and lowers the combustion temperature, thereby reducing NOx formation to a great extent.


  • Can combine with other measures of NOx reduction such as exhaust gas re-circulation combustion (EGR) by external feeding of flue gas.
  • Can reduce NOx emission to an extremely low range:Gas fuel: O2 0%, 40-60ppm
  • Single to multiple burners arrangement are available
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