Designing the future by getting creative with combustion technology

Volcano technology offers high-efficiency and intensity combustion which reduce the environmental load.
In our activities, we have pursued the creation of a Recycling-Oriented Society and developing the economic by expanding into areas such as the shipping and marine business, the industrial business, waste management and processing of waste fluids and gases. In addition, we use our general engineering resource to develop TCS (Technical Client Service) globally, which consists of After-sales Service, engineering service and solution service.
Our TCS (Technical Client Service) has received high reputation because it not only provides support for equipment maintenance but offers engineering or solution services suited for current time-sand needs, such as environmental improvement and energy savings.

Marine Equipment Sector. Marine Boiler Burners & Incinerators.

Industrial Equipment Sector. Industrial Boiler Burners.

Environmental Equipment Sector. Burners for Urban Waste, Sludge & Industrial Waste Incinerators.

Environmental Plant Sector. Waste Liquid and Gas incinerating System.