Environmental Plant Sector   Waste Liquid and Gas incinerating System

A number of production activities produce industrial waste in the form of liquids and gases. Environmental awareness around the world is gaining traction and tighter regulations and laws governing this waste are increasing. We help support this by offering advanced combustion technology. In addition, we continue to develop new technology in order to further environmental performance.

Manufacturing Facility

Phosphoric acid manufacturing system using yellow phosphorus combustion (Since 1998)

In the late nineties, due to the development of the semiconductor industry, there was an increased demand for phosphoric acid, which was being used to clean the kinds of manufactured products. Our company’s combustion technology was nominated to this field because the phosphoric acid could be produced from white phosphorus combustion.
We began trial manufacturing development of those burners in 1996. We achieved good results after integrating a number of features, such as retaining pure phosphoric acid, and as a result, we delivered out first unit in 1998. This development and approach enabled us to expand into other fields apart from fuel combustion, which represented a significance and value for our company.

Iodine recovery by submerged combustion (Since 2011)

Iodine is used all around you in everyday life, ranging from industrial goods such as cellular phones and computers to medical field applications. The global demand and use of iodine is increasing, making it an extremely valuable resource with a limited production. Recycling iodine has become very important, and we were not only able to use submerged combustion to recycle this resource but we started delivering submerged systems.

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